If your video isn't playing when and where you expect it to play on your site, don't panic! ๐Ÿ˜ฑ ๐Ÿ™‚

Follow this guide to make sure everything is working properly:

  • Check your view restrictions (Display Settings > What pages to display this video on). The video might not be showing because you may have exceeded the view restrictions. To get around this, we suggest starting an incognito session on your browser to verify that it is displaying as expected to new visitors.

  • Check your URL and segmentation logic for any typos or errors ('contains', 'does not contain', 'equals', etc.). Remember to pay close attention to the slashes and all values of the url if you use 'Is equal to.'

    Example: If your website homepage is EQUAL to 'https://mywebsite.com' and your logic is set to URL is equal to 'https://mywebsite.com/' or 'mywebsite.com,' your video will NOT show. This is because it does not match exactly - be mindful of the '/' at the end and the 'https://' at the beginning in this example.

  • Check your video format and ensure that it has been completely uploaded. Remember: Use free online video converters to convert your video to the proper format (Kapwing is one of our favorites ๐Ÿ˜‰).

  • If your video is on the homepage, include the forward slash ( โ€œ / โ€œ ) at the end of the URL and set the segmentation logic to โ€œequal to.โ€

  • Make sure you are NOT using any of the following keywords/phrases in the title of your videos:

    • โ€œAd(s)โ€

    • โ€œSponsor(s)โ€

    Ad blockers look for specific keywords and might be the reason you can't see your video. Try changing the title of the video and re-uploading it to see if that does the trick.

  • If none of these tips work and you still need help, please reach out to help@vidjet.io or send us a chat and we will look into your specific case ASAP.

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