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Adding Videos to Multiple URLs and Setting Up Exclusions
Adding Videos to Multiple URLs and Setting Up Exclusions

How to properly segment your videos

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Adding URLs

If you want to add a specific video to multiple product pages, this is possible by using the "+Add URL" option in the Display Settings section. The example below shows how you might set up a video to play on every page that contains productA OR productB in the URL. You can also copy/paste full URLs for specific pages but in this case, it is best to make sure you switch the operator from "contains" to "is equal to." In either case, you can add as many URLs as you wish!

Setting up Exclusions

Now, let's say you want a particular video to show on some pages of your site but not all pages. Here is a simple example of how you would use exclusion rules with the "+Add exclusions" logic to display a video on your product pages but not on the checkout or confirmation pages (assuming "products/" stays in the URL throughout the checkout and confirmation process):

  1. Set up the URL contains "products/" logic first, then click "+Add exclusions":

2. Add "URL contains "checkout" and "confirmation" (respectively) in the exclusion section:

Now, when you save and move on to the next step, we will display this particular video on all pages with "products" in the URL except for pages where "products" "checkout" and "confirmation" exist in the URL. It's that simple! πŸ™‚ If you run into any issues or have some feedback, we're all ears.

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