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Multiple Languages

Best practices for targeting your video campaigns based on language

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If you have a video in English, you might want to display it only for your English-speaking audience. To do this, make sure you set the segmentation logic to include the appropriate default browser language (locale). The locale is typically a two-letter abbreviation that represents a language. For example, English is represented by the letters "en" in the URL. Here is a list of browser language codes for reference.

The example product video below will only appear to those visitors who have English as their default browser language, as noted by the "en" in the URL.

How to set this up: Edit or create a campaign > Display settings > Display only on certain pages:

This example shows how to segment a product video for your French-speaking audience with a default locale of "fr":

Important: Keep in mind that URLs might change automatically based on where your traffic is coming from. So, visitors with different locales might not see your video if you include the entire URL as you see it in your browser.

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