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How to remove the Vidjet watermark on your videos ?
How to remove the Vidjet watermark on your videos ?

Remove Vidjet Branding (watermark on videos)

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Who is eligible to remove the watermark?

The first thing to take into account is the pricing plan that you have selected for your Vidjet account. The possibility to remove the watermark is only available for account on the Growth plan or the Pro plan.

Can I still remove the watermark even if I'm not on these plans?

No, you won't be allowed to have the watermark removed if you are not on the plans listed above (Growth, and Pro).

How to remove the watermark if I'm eligible?

If you wish to remove the watermark, either contact us on the chat bubble or go to Settings >> Account >> Click "Remove Watermark". Once the button is clicked, the watermark will automatically be removed, and you will not have anything else to do.

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