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Embed a Carousel on the Homepage

Drive traffic to your PDPs with a beautiful video carousel on your homepage.

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A carousel on the homepage allows merchants to drive traffic to their product pages.

It is useful to announce a new collection, to feature new products, to put an emphasis on bestsellers, etc.

πŸ’‘ After embedding the carousel on your homepage, you can edit it from your Vidjet account. Changes apply automatically without the need to re-embed the code.

Examples of edits you can bring: add/remove videos, change play icons, tag products on videos, add animations, etc.

Steps covered in the video

Step 1: create campaign, and import videos

We recommend at least 6 videos for a nice render on your homepage

Step 2: tag products on your videos, and adjust settings

Order your videos, associate product(s) to them, and adjust the general settings of your carousel (arrow colors, play icons, etc).

Step 3: add the embed code to your homepage

In your website editor, select "HTML block" or "Custom code", and paste the Vidjet code inside.

Step 4: that's it! You can now preview it.

If you need to perform any changes, you can edit the associated Vidjet campaign without having to embed the code again. πŸ™‚

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