Get started with the Bulk Embed feature

Upon creating a campaign, select "Bulk Embed" to publish videos on many product pages. This is a tutorial of how to proceed.

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This feature is designed for online stores with many product pages, looking to easily publish different videos on them.

1) Create a campaign

2) Select a format

NB: for now, the Bulk Embed feature is only available on Stories and Carousel

3) Choose "Bulk"

4) Start creating your first feed

Usually, 1 feed = 1 product page

5) Associate product pages, videos, and name your feed

Remember, a feed is usually associated to a product page. If you have UGC videos about product ABC, and others for product XYZ, you will create two feeds.

6) Get your embed code

Once your feeds are created, you will have to embed the code only once.

7) Embed this code in your Master page

Most website builders propose a product-page template called "defaut" or "master" page for your product pages. โžก๏ธ See the full tutorial here

8) Once embedded, click Save and your videos will show!

Here's the magic! You embedded the code once, and your videos show on the product pages you selected.

9) Here is where you will find your Bulk campaign

Feel free to change its position in your Campaign Manager page!

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