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Read your Dashboard 📈

Read, understand, and interpret your Vidjet dashboard. This will help you to take better decisions regarding your video-shopping strategy.

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In January 2023, we rolled out a new dashboard to help our customers better understand three things:

  1. The impact of Vidjet on CRO (sales)

  2. The impact of Vidjet on your traffic (your visitors)

  3. How good are your videos (video engagement)

So, we divided this dashboard into three sections:

Three sections of the Vidjet dashboard

Important to know (2 things)

1) The difference between "Campaigns" and "Videos"

A campaign can contain one or multiple videos. You can find your campaigns within the campaign manager tab.

2) The difference between "exposed" and "watched"

A visitor can be exposed to one or several videos, but he will not necessarily be a viewer. He will only be a viewer if he watches a video for more than 4 sec.

Read and understand indicators


Sales generated (main)
Number of money generated, in the currency you're using on your store. Ex: if you’re charging in Australian dollars, it will be “AUD”.

Influenced sales
Sales Vidjet helped to convert. Attribution criteria = a visitor watched at least one video during his session, and made a purchase during the same session.

Revenue per viewers

Like on Klaviyo, we display the average revenue generated by contacts (viewers). It’s the ratio between sales generated, and the total number of viewers (visitors watching a video)

Average order value (AOV):
The AOV of your Vidjet videos. Calculation = total money generated divided by the number of sales generated.


Visitors exposed to Vidjet (main)
The % of visitors exposed to at least one video throughout their journey on your store. You can find the associated number underneath.
Example: if one visitor performs 2 sessions AND is exposed to 3 videos in the first session, and 4 videos in the second session, we will count 2 on this box.

Campaign play rate

Number of times your visitors play ≥ 1 video from a campaign. It’s the ratio between campaigns plays (≥ 1 video has been watched) VS campaigns impressions (no videos have been watched).

Videos played per viewer

The average number of videos played by a visitor throughout his journey on your website, and watching at least 1 video. If this number is higher than 1.5, it shows you've done a good hob segmenting videos throughout the customer journey.

View time per viewer

Easy one. It's the average duration your visitors are actively watching a video. If your videos are too long (> 2 min), your visitors are likely to watch not even half of them. We suggest videos of 40 sec. Read this article to know more.


Video engagement (main)

  • X videos played: it's the number of times your visitors click the play icon OR watch at least 4 seconds (if autoplay).

  • % avg. view duration: it shows how much your videos are being watch, on average. We recommend videos between 10 and 40 seconds to maximize this %.

Total time watched

Total time your viewers spent watching videos. It provides an important info: how much additional time Vidjet is making your visitors stay on your website.

Interactions with video elements

It’s optional, but you can add elements on top of your videos, such as email collectors and buttons. This dropdown menu enables you to see how your visitors are interacting with theses.

Number of times videos are shared

All videos come with a small “share” icon, redirecting to the page the video is displayed on. Your visitors are sometimes sharing them around. You can monitor this on this box.

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