How Do I Make a Good Video?

Tips for creating successful video campaigns

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Unsure how to make a good video or where to even start? No worries, we have carefully observed hundreds of great videos from our most successful customers and summarized a few things for you to keep in mind:

  • Duration: between 10 to 40 seconds

  • Content: show a person and/or product. Smile, speak slowly and clearly, be your authentic, natural self. Just like when speaking to another person, eye contact is key (don't read, word for word, from a script).

  • Device: a mobile phone or camera. If using a mobile phone, use the front facing camera instead of "selfie" mode since the video quality is usually better.

  • Sound: no need for a microphone if the device is situated less than 2 meters away. Make sure you speak loudly and there aren't a lot of echoes or extra noise in the background that might distract your audience.

  • Background: neutral tones like navy blue or soft white, with plenty of natural light are best. Make sure there are no other distracting elements in the shot.

  • Extras: we recommend subtitles/captions for accessibility reasons. If your video has too much white space around the frame, you should remove it using a free editing tool such as Kapwing before launching your campaign.

  • More detailed information and examples can be found in this article from our blog.

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