Yes! In fact, this is a great use case for product videos to display more relevant, contextual information at the perfect moment in the buyer's journey and ultimately, helps increase your sales.

*Please note that this setup requires some technical expertise and access to your website's code*

In order to set this up, you would just need to:

  1. Create the video (campaign) you want to trigger when someone clicks a particular button on your page.

  2. Send us an email ( with the following information:

    1. The name of the video campaign you created

    2. The URL of the page you want the video displayed (ex.

    3. The name of the specific button on the page where you want the video displayed (ex. "More Info" button for product XYZ)

  3. We will reply with a Javascript code snippet and instructions on where to put it which will enable you to bind your button click and display the video! 🙌

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