What is a Shoppable Flow?

It's a video format allowing multiple videos within the same frame, with swippable interactions. It enables merchants to provide visitors a TikTok-like experience, right from their webpages.

Use cases

  • Product discovery 👉 display several product videos in the same flow, and trigger it from general pages (ex: category pages or homepage).

  • Single-product videos 👉 display videos showing the same product, and trigger it from product pages.

  • Customer reviews & testimonials 👉 display videos showing the love of your customers, on any pages.

Benefits (engagement & conversions)

  • 2x to 3x time spent on webpages (with a Shoppable Flow)

  • +5% to +20% on your sales conversion rates

💡 we suggest at least 3 Shoppable Flows, placed in several pages, to see a clear uplift in engagement and conversions

Steps to set up

Hope you enjoy! ✌️

- Baptiste

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