Common Questions and Answers from Vidjet-ers Around the World

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Q: Do you have a public roadmap or can you let us know what features to expect in the future?

A: Yes, you can find our public roadmap here: https://vidjet.frill.co/roadmap. We will mainly focus on new formats, analytics, and segmentation criteria.

Q: What do you do with user data?

A: We actually do not do anything with user data. We just track the video engagement data (Impressions, Plays, etc..), but not the actual user data.

Q: Is it possible for me to upgrade my product or plan later?

A: Yes. You can upgrade your plan later on, in case you will be reaching the limits allowed in your current plan.

Q: How does your tool compare to competitors?

A: The easiness to publish many videos at scale in less than 10 minutes. Vidjet also fits all video ratios without having black bars around the margins. Finally, the U.I is intuitive and friendly, making it easy to add elements on top of videos. It's super fast and easy to publish videos with Vidjet!

Q: What languages do you support?

A: We provide support in English, French, and Spanish.

Q: What is your privacy policy?

A: Here is the link to our privacy policy: https://www.vidjet.io/privacy-policy

Q: Can I Whitelabel this product?

A: Yes, you will just need to contact us at support@vidjet.io to remove the watermark.

Q: Do you have an affiliate or referral program?

A: At the moment, we don’t have an affiliate program. However, we do have a partner program for agencies. If you are interested, contact us through this page: https://vidjet.io/partners

Q: Do you have any case studies or example sites that use your tool?

A: Yes. If you're interested in specific industry use-cases, you can ask us, or check the Examples section on our website (https://vidjet.io). Here is a link with many examples from top-performing customers https://www.vidjet.io/blog/best-videos-increase-ecommerce-conversions.

Q: Does your product work in all countries?

A: Yes, Vidjet works in every country.

Q: Is there a video upload limit?

A: Yes, the size of your uploaded video cannot exceed 300 MB. If you require uploading a bigger video, contact us at support@vidjet.io.

Q: Does it slow down my website?

A: Vidjet video campaigns will not significantly slow down your website. This is because we optimized it for web renders, using advanced iFrame technology mixed with asynchronous ways of displaying videos. Vidjet videos don’t block other elements of your website. Displaying campaigns will slow down your website very slightly, yet muuuch less compared to other video players.

Q: Do I need coding skills?

A: No! You do not need any coding skills for the main features. However, if you want to embed videos, you will need access to your website's code and basic coding skills that require copy/pasting a paragraph in the website's code. Our team is happy to help if you need assistance!

Q: Why is my video not displayed on the website?

A: Here are the main reasons why your video might not be displayed:

Q: What happens if I reach the video view limit?

A: When you reach the video limit, we will send you an email explaining that we will lock the account 3 days after. To stop this from happening, get in touch with us at support@vidjet.io and we will discuss your specific needs. :)

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