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The 'sticky play button' video format
The 'sticky play button' video format
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In this article, we explore what the 'sticky play button' video is, how it works, and some recommendations of videos that work best with this type of format.

What is a 'sticky play button' format?

The sticky play button video acts as an add-on to the main interface of your website. Users see it as a tiny button with a play icon at the bottom of your webpage. When they hover over it, a text of your choosing will appear. Once the sticky play button is activated, viewers can close it at any time.

How does the 'sticky play button' work?

The sticky play button shows up as a tiny button at the bottom of the page (by default, you can move it higher up if you like). Users hover it and read the text of your choosing (i.e "Watch Video"). When they click on the button, the video will pop-up in the middle of the page.

After watching the video, viewers can close the frame, and the sticky button will come back to its initial spot.

How to customize your sticky play button video

Once you've created your sticky button campaign and uploaded your video, the next step is optimization. Here's a detailed explanation of all the options, available on both desktop and mobile:

  • Autoplay -> choose whether the video automatically starts playing once you click on the sticky button.

  • Loop video -> choose whether you want the video to play again once the visitor finishes watching.

  • Bottom margin -> choose the positioning of the button across the left side of your webpage

  • Text -> write down the catchy text you want users to see when they hover over the button

  • Button color -> select the color of the sticky play button

  • Text color -> select the color of the text that will be displayed when users hover over the sticky button

  • Call to action -> choose whether you want to display a Call to action on your video

    • Link to Page (URL) -> a button that includes a link to a page you want to send visitors to

    • Coupon Code to Copy -> a button that includes a coupon code your visitors can copy

    • Email Collector -> an empty space where visitors can write down their email address.

  • Text color -> select the color of the CTA text

  • Button color -> select the color of the CTA button

Next step is customizing when and how the video will be displayed to visitors.

First, choose the page you want to display the video on:

  • If you select all pages, then the video will be displayed on all your website pages.

  • If you choose a certain pages, you will have the option to either display the video on pages of your choice, or add exclusions. Please review this article to find out more about URL segmentation.

Second, choose the when to trigger the appearance of the sticky button:

  • when the user lands on the specific page/s you added in the previous step,

  • when the users expresses their intent of closing your website page by moving their mouse up to the x button of the open tab

  • when a user scrolls down the page/s you added in the previous step - here, you can select the percentage of the page that the user scrolled

Finally, consider the video view restrictions, or how often you want users to see the video over a certain period of time.

We recommend that after a visitor watches the video once or twice (2 views), they should not see it again for at least 3 days (72 hours).

Recommendations of video types to display with this format

Please consider that these are simply recommendations, especially for first time video creators. If you already have videos that you want to use/repurpose, go ahead!

Best Use Cases:

  • Product videos (How it’s made, how to use it, see it in action, show quality, etc.)

  • UGC / Influencers & Testimonials (Social proof, less intrusive option)

  • Help, Support, FAQs

Best practice design settings:

Desktop / Mobile

  • Format: Sticky play button

  • Loop video

  • Bottom margin: 50 px

  • Add text to the top of your video - entice visitors to click!

  • Add a CTA with button text (e.g. copy coupon code, link to another page, collect emails)

Best practice trigger settings

Use Case

URL Segmentation


View Restrictions

Product videos

URL contains “products,” “collections,” etc.

Lands on page

3 views / 24 hours

UGC / Influencers & testimonials

URL contains “products,” “collections,” etc.

Lands on page

3 views / 24 hours

Help, support, FAQs

URL contains or is equal to [relevant pages]

Lands on page

3 views / 24 hours

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