We're glad you asked! 🙂 Here are a few exciting, new things coming down the pipe:

  • Klaviyo Integration (beta) ✉️

    • Collect email addresses using the Vidjet email collector and send them to Klaviyo! It will create a new property on the contract and add an event.

  • Sticky Play Button 🎉

    • A much less intrusive format will allow you to customize the colors of a small pop-out widget with a play button that will allow visitors to view your video in a larger format if they click on it.

  • Add to Cart CTA 🛒

    • Visitors will be able to click a button on your video and add products directly to their cart for a more seamless shopping experience.

We can't promise exact dates for delivery because we like to stay agile, but if you want the most up-to-date information, we suggest you sign up for our newsletter when it's ready - more info coming soon! Or, if you have any fresh ideas we should consider adding to our backlog, or want to be a beta tester for new features, feel free to contact us directly 👉 contact@vidjet.io.

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